Thursday, 15 August 2013

Early Dental Care

It is a well known fact, that a strong foundation always helps sustain future challenges. Since this rule applies more or less everywhere, teeth are no exception to it. If proper oral care is taken right from childhood years, there will be lesser teeth woes in the future. Since the main objective of teeth is to chew food properly; naturally diet and the types of food affect the overall oral hygiene.

Usually a good dentist can always guide better. Oracare Dental Centre is one such reputed clinic in Pune that specializes in all types of dental treatments. According to our eminent doctors, the white crown area of the teeth is the most crucial area. Since diet has a direct effect on teeth specially in childhood, malnutrition can adversely affect the same. A continuous intake of junk food is the real source of worry.
Also at Oracare, both children and their parents are meticulously guided on good teeth building habits. Mostly the children need to go in for a continuous supply of nutrients, minerals, calcium etc. Once this is established, the child can enjoy any sweet food without any worry. Out of all the types of nutritional foods available; fruits and vegetables are the most important ones.
Given the known importance of Vit.D for having good oral health, everyone follows it religiously. But not many know that Vit.C is also equally important for having a strong foundation for good oral health. This vitamin helps strengthen the gums, particularly since health of gums is always almost the most neglected area when it comes to oral health. Dentists all over the world and even dentists in Pune, like us, have been promoting fruits like strawberries, kiwis as the best source of Vitamin C. Milk commonly known for its high calcium content, should also be regularly consumed. Even dairy products like cheese or yogurt are good to snack on as a rich source of calcium.
Like many Dentists in Pune, Oracare specializes in pediatric dentistry and our doctors also guide on the right foods and what are the eatables that should be avoided.
We also suggest that crunchy vegetables play a vital role in good oral health. Vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, green peas etc. require extended chewing activity. This helps scrub the teeth and remove the plaque.
All the above good eating habits coupled with a habit of visiting a dentist at least twice a year can ensure your child with excellent oral health. And more so this will also keep your child away from painful procedures like root canal treatments, tooth extraction etc.


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