Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dentures And Bridges

If you lose several teeth, or have been weakened or softened the Teeth Extractions, there are options to keep a confident smile. Your dentist can give you a list of options suitable for the particular situation, and usually contain artificial teeth and bridges.

Dentures replace missing teeth or extracted teeth. Typically, acrylic resin prostheses are usually removable. There are four main types of dentures including complete, with all the teeth and the tissue is removed. Partial dentures, also known as &;bridges", fill in the difference between missing teeth. conventional prostheses associated with the process in which it was resolved all the teeth before the patient is fitted to the whole set of dentures. In addition, the immediate dentures to fit directly into the mouth when the teeth were removed, after which the changes are made.

When Dentures implants are for you, it is important to keep them clean and the food particles and other debris that can cause bad breath and sores inside the mouth. Remove the dentures every day and brush with a brush and a detergent specifically for dentures. Do not use harsh chemicals, artificial teeth, and do not cook for them, because this can cause them to become deformed. Regular medical check-ups with your dentist to make sure that your dentures do not cause irritation around the gum.

Bridges, on the other hand, are generally used in patients who only need one or more replacement teeth. Bridges are not removable, but tied directly to the teeth are broken or damaged. There are a number of bridges available, all of which are destined for a particular type of dental problem. Dental dental crown, the area more natural, with a traditional bridge together. Resin-bonded bridge fuses with artificial teeth with a special cement, and is often used as a missing or broken teeth can be found in front of the mouth. Finally, the cantilever bridge is used when there is only one tooth on both sides are missing or broken tooth.

As with all dental care, cleaning to prevent infection in the mouth. It is very important to brush your teeth after every meal to remove food particles that can be retained in your dental work. Avoid sugary foods and starches, as they may turn into damaging acids that can promote plaque buildup in its deck. You should also floss every day after the bridge was completed. Your dentist may recommend a specific type of dental floss that can help you reach all parts of the new bridge. With good hygiene and regular dental cleaning visits, the average dental bridge can last up to 10 years.

Dentures and bridges are unique solutions to dental care that can help reveal a bright smile for many patients. Talk to your dentist about the best repair or replace your teeth, making sure to take care of your teeth to maintain the quality of your extensive dental work.
If you ever find that you lose a tooth or several teeth, remember that dentures and bridges are a viable way to restore your teeth and smile. Dr. Aakash Shah is a qualified Pune Dentist and dental Surgeon, To know more on Dentures, Root Canal Treatment, Orthodontic Treatment and Dental Implants.

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