Thursday, 30 June 2011

Emerging Field Of Medical Tourism In India

It won’t be an exaggeration if we conclude that dental treatment costs a little fortune in western countries like US, UK and many other countries. The medical insurance provided by the companies to their employees does not cover dental treatment. The burgeoning cost of dental treatment can wipe out any individual’s entire life’s savings. However, contrary to their woes—South East Asian countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia can offer world class dental treatment which is of the same standard that is available in the western countries but at a much lesser cost which includes:

With the advent of growing tourism in the South-east Asian countries people from different geographies are seen to visit these places quite often. This further encouraged western people to try dental treatments in these countries and thus dental tourism is becoming popular of late. Starting from dental implants to smile designing—these countries can promise world class equipment and latest technology to cure their foreign patients. Moreover, the fluency in English has enormously helped developed this industry as outside patients can easily communicate and a group of groomed professionals can treat their patients with care and comfort.

The new India-image has greatly boasted and proved the message of quality dental treatment to many foreign residents who took dental treatment in India. Being a major tourist destinations India can offer state-of-the-art dental surgery and services. One such renowned dental clinic which provides excellent dental services in India is Oracare—which not only has created a niche’ but also treated many foreigners with a high level of service satisfaction that too at a reasonable rate which could have been otherwise in other developed nations.

At Oracare, a bunch of trained professionals can surprise you with their unique customized package that is well within your budget without compromising on quality. Be it a regular dental check up for your kids or anything related to orthodontics—everything can be availed of under the same roof in their highly sterilized environment. Their packages also involve proper dental hygiene inclusive of your actual dental treatment at an astronomically lower and reasonable cost to let you smile even when you are back home.

With the skyrocketing dental cost in developed nations more and more people seek dental treatment in India while travelling. Even with the airfare and accommodation the overall cost is less than what it is in those countries—which is considered to be the driving force behind such increasing number of foreigners who seek proper dental treatment in India mapping it as one of the favourite dental tourism spots in the world.

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  1. Its a really great Blog. In comparing the cost of various treatments, it has been found that the Indian medical treatments cost lesser than their Thailand and Singapore counterparts and much lesser than the treatment costs in the US.

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